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There are different kinds of cheese.  Cheese is a dairy product which is better than the milk. The cow's milk is not suitable for everybody and the cheese contains the necessary quantity of calcium for a good body function without leaving negative consequences. The milk can cause acne and the cheese can't cause acne. The cheese, the yogurt, the crème fraiche and other kinds of cheese can improve the condition of your skin.     - A mask to soften the skin. To strengthen and to soften the skin and to unify the complexion, you can try this homemade mask. To prepare...

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It is very important to take a good skin care. The stress and the pollution are the two factors which are bad for the skin. The best way to cleanse the face is by using a face scrub. Of course, the homemade scrubs are ecological, more economical and without danger for the health. We have found some recipes for a homemade face scrub.     1. For a sensitive skin. The ingredients are: 1 tablespoon caster sugar and 1 tablespoon argan oil. The sugar will cleanse the skin and the argan oil will hydrate it. But, you will however  have to hydrate...

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It is essential to have a hydrated skin at all times no matter the season. A dehydration of the body can provoke a skin dehydration too. The pollution, the lack of water, the lack of sleep, the stress and not taking a proper skin care are the general factors for a skin dehydration. In order to have a hydrated skin, you have to hydrate it from both, the inside and the outside.     - The importance of the good sleep. The good sleep is very important in order for the body to function properly.  When you have a lack...

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In order to have a glowing skin, you need to nourish it. The skin must be always hydrated, needs vitamins and minerals so it can proceed with the natural process of renewal.  You need to use essential oils and other organic and natural products and you need to have a diet in order to maintain your skin in good conditions.     - Hydrate the skin. The constant hydration is very important in order to have a healthy skin. The water detoxifies the skin, which is very important for the renewal process. The dehydration can cause skin and body diseases. It's...

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The lemon is a true miracle. Rich with vitamin C, it has different benefits for the organism. The lemon can also be consumed as a vinegar replacement in your salad and it can give a specific taste to your tea and soup.  It is very often recommended by the doctors and by the grandmas, because it improves the general health. But, it has different benefits for the skin too.     1. Remedy acne with a lemon juice. The lemon juice is antibacterial and it helps remedy acne. It is consisted of an ascorbic acid that is very effective against the bacteria that causes acne. You...

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