Summer skin problems and solutions
Summer skin problems and solutions

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Summer skin problems and solutions

Summer time is here and we are all happy about that, but some things like sweat, sun-damaged skin, and breakouts aren’t so fun. Warmer temperatures bring their own bunch of problems. The rise of the temperatures can cause sunburns and unexpected breakouts and more!

Here are the most frequent problems that happen in summer:

Problem no. 1: DULL SKIN!

Many people suffer from dull, uneven skin. For achieving natural skin glow as warmer months are here, firstly we have to focus on beautifying our skin from the inside out. Getting the proper nutrients that our skin desperately needs is crucial if we want to look healthy and radiant. Fresh fruits and veggies are always the number one ingredients proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.


Problem no. 2: SUNBURN!

It’s very frequent to be overexposed on sun's UV rays and get some sunburn! Heal from the burn by applying aloe vera gel to the affected area two to three times per day. But, also the yogurt-based facial products can do the job, as they contain lactic acid, which is known for its calming and soothing properties.


Problem no. 3: MELASMA!

Dark spots on the face also called melasma are usually exacerbated in the summer.  A dark spot corrector and high SPF sunscreen are the products that no one should skip. Plus, staying out of the sun in the hottest period is a best prevention from cropping up more dark spots.


Problem no. 4: ACNE AND BREAKOUTS!

Increased sweating in the hottest temps can increase the appearance of bacteria that cause acne and breakouts. Showering right after sweating and sun exposure is a MUST! Also, everyone should always be carrying oil-blotting wipes to wipe away excess sweat if needed. Liquid foundations should be switched off with natural mineral powder foundations, because they have the power of soaking up the excess oil and give more matte look needed for the hot and sweaty days. Plus, its very important to wash the face before going to bed!


Problem no. 5: DRY LEGS AND FEET!

Dry skin is mostly concentrated on the legs and feet. So, removing the dead skin can be easy with the use of body scrubs with paying attention especially on rough patches on the legs and feet. Additionally, a shea-based moisturizer for all-day hydration or a self-tanner will give the summery glow to the skin.