Start practicing Facial Yoga today!
Start practicing Facial Yoga today!

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Start practicing Facial Yoga today!

There is no doubt that the benefits of practicing yoga are major. From health benefits like increased metabolism, flexibility, blood circulation, maintenance, lost or gain weight, to a mental stability and peace, and you name it…

Yoga has been known since ancient times. Its origins come from the ancient India. Since then have evolved a lot of different styles of practicing yoga in this modern time. Ashtanga Vinyasa, Integral, Viniyoga, Power, Prenatal, and so on. Between these there is another type of practicing yoga, it is the Facial Yoga.

Facial yoga is a form of yoga which is focused on the facial muscles and the skin on the face. Facial exercises may improve facial appearance and reduce some visible signs of aging. It increases the blood circulation on the face and leaves a natural glow, tightens the skin and makes it look more firm and healthy, releases tension and removes the signs of aging. Also, it plays a big role in keeping muscles of the face tighter, rejuvenated, fresher, younger by giving them big amount of oxygen, just as it does to the muscles all over the body.

Facial exercises that are beneficial and have anti-age effects on long terms, include Puckering and Squeezing the cheeks, Cheek lifter, Eyebrow lifter, Happy cheeks sculpting, Scooping: jaw and neck firmer, Temple developer, Upper eyelid firmer.

It is known that practicing on a daily basis can make you look 3 years younger. 30 minutes facial yoga can actually be a replacement for many artificial and harmful products that promise that glow on your face, and also you won’t need any concealer to hide wrinkles and fine lines.

Those who practice Facial Yoga say that are highly satisfied with the results and notice improvement on nearly all the afflicted areas of the face.

So, start practicing Facial Yoga today!