Spring allergies and make-up solutions
Spring allergies and make-up solutions

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Spring allergies and make-up solutions

After the long and cold winter days are over, there is no human on earth that does not rejoice the spring time. However, along with the spring comes the season of allergies. Many people suffer from sneezing, clogged nose and dry throat, and their breathing is completely difficult. Additionally, allergies sometimes come in the worst possible time, when you have an important meeting or you should be at a place where you should look fabulous. But, fortunately, there is a solution for this problem.

Here we have 5 tips that can save you in these “swelling” days.

Tip No. 1

  • If your eyes are tearing you down because of an allergy, it's best not to wear any eye make-up, but if you must, then use waterproof mascara and gentle makeup, for example a thin layer of shade, which you must not apply to the inner edges of the eyes.


Tip No. 2

  • As we already said, when the eyes are irritated it is best to avoid any make-up, and this is especially for the eye-liners. The tearing will additionally prevent you to properly make-up your eyes, and the eye-liner is a product that can be easily smeared.


Tip No. 3

  • Allergies can cause redness, especially around the eyes and nose. So, it’s best to use a green tone corrector to soften the redness and then continue with the usual routine.


Tip No. 4

  • Before you start, try to reduce the swelling of your face by holding ice on the cheekbones area. Then wash with cold water. Once you dry your face, you can continue with the make-up.


Tip No. 5

  • Use make up with some brown shades, and do not forget about the bronzer. Use it for contouring the nose, cheeks and forehead. That way you’ll cover the allergy signs and achieve fresher look.