Spirulina: your beauty ally
Spirulina: your beauty ally

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Spirulina: your beauty ally


The seaweed has an important place in cosmetics. The spirulina is an algae which is a very powerful antioxidant, rich in proteins. We can find it on the market in a form of a powder.  

The spirulina is used to grow the hair faster and to improve the general health of the hair.

We use the spirulina for the skin too. Spirulina remedies acne, hydrates the dry skin, lightens the skin etc.

The spirulina has a wide usage in cosmetics:



  1. For the hair: the spirulina can help the hair grow faster, can help prevent and avoid a hair loss, redefine the curls, obtain volume and hydrate the scull’s skin. Because this is quite a long list, do not hesitate to put spirulina in your shampoo or to mix it with a castor oil to nourish the hair.


  1. For the skin: the spirulina is very beneficial for the skin too:


  • It hydrates the skin. The spirulina can be used on every type of skin: normal skin, oily and combination skin and a dry skin. Every skin needs to be hydrated in order to function properly. We can not find a better hydration than the one provided by the seaweed. Because the spirulina is an algae, we are sure to get the best care. You can simply add a spirulina powder in your daily face cream.
  • It has an anti aging effect. The spirulina is a powerful antioxidant rich with vitamin E. Thanks to its content, the spirulina has an anti – aging effect on the skin.
  • It treats acne properly. The spirulina contains the most important vitamins needed by the skin, thanks to which, it can cure acne and improve the general health of the skin, the hair and the nails. To cure acne, we can consume it (but not as pills), or, we can put a small quantity of it in our face cream. It is always better to use it in its natural and organic form.
  • It improves the skin’s elasticity. The spirulina is a natural tonic, because it fights against the free radicals. It is the best solution for a tired skin.


The spirulina is not only a beauty ally, but an ally for the general health too.