SOS for oily skin!
SOS for oily skin!

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SOS for oily skin!

If you happened to have oily skin then you know that the battle against acne and breakouts is tough. But, there are certain ingredients that can help win the fight and reduce the excessive production of oil on the face.


Below there is a list of the best home ingredients that will help you get rid of the “greasy look”.



Rose water can help clean the clogged pores and gently tone the skin surface. The use of rose water on a daily basis will clean the skin and keep it away from various infections. Boil a cup of water and add rose petals in it. Let it boil until it soaks up the color of the rose flower. After this, mix a few drops of lemon essential oil to this rose water, stir well and then let it cool.



Apple Cider Vinegar

Raw and organic apple cider vinegar has always been touted as a beneficial substance for the skin. It can help in shrinking skin pores and further absorbs excess oil from the skin, thus helping to even out the skin’s complexion. Mix 25 milliliter of apple cider vinegar in 100 milliliters of distilled water in a bowl. Stir well and add a few drops of lemon essential oils. Apply this mixture on the face and neck regularly.




Chamomile is another natural ingredient that can shrink the skin pores, plus it can remove the dirt and further control oil secretion and make the skin look healthier. Boil two cups of water with dried chamomile flowers and dried mint. Allow them to cool and then apply this daily to revitalize the skin.




Cucumber acts as a natural cleanser and skin lightener. Before washing the face, take a few slices of cucumber and rub them on the skin to reduce dark spots, and reduce the oiliness.




Lemon has ascorbic acid that can help shrink the skin pores. It also reduces excess oil secretion, redness and can even the skin tone. Add lemon juice in water and use it on the face every morning.