Skin pigmentation home remedies good to know about
Skin pigmentation home remedies good to know about

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Skin pigmentation home remedies good to know about

Everybody loves summer. Swimming and suntanning aaaaaaaaaaall day long. And let's not talk about the beachy sun tаn you get. But, there is one side effect of the beautifully tanned skin, the skin pigmentation that you can gain from the continuous exposure to the sun. The pigmentation occurs when dark spots are formed on the skin making it look dull and uneven.

In order to make our skin clearer and even, we often use various BB, CC and DD creams, concealers and many other artificial creams. However, these creams can do much more harm than good to the skin. So, it’s always better to go for natural ways to treat this kind of skin conditions.

The Crystal Secret team has some natural homemade remedies for those stubborn pigmentation spots to show you.

  1. Rub the POTATO SLICE on the affected area because its anti-pigmentation properties work very well on skin pigmentation and blemishes.
  2. Apply YOGURT on the pigmented area because it has lactic acid that can help diminish the pigmentation spots and remove the dead cells from the skin.
  3. Apply COCONUT OIL on the skin because it removes the dead skin cells and protects the skin from the UV light.
  4. Make PAPAYA porridge and apply on the pigmented area, it has wonderful exfoliating properties which help the elimination of the dead skin cells and help the growth of the new ones.
  5. THE SANDALWOOD AND ROSE WATER MIXED PASTE is great for the skin and help brighten the pigmentation spots.
  6. Use LEMON JUICE because is the natural bleaching agent that helps fade the pigmented skin.
  7. ONION is an excellent source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that can be used for treating hyperpigmentation.
  8. Use CUCUMBER to rejuvenate the skin and to improve its complexion and to treat freckles and blemishes.
  9. Also, ALOE VERA’s properties are very good for cleaning the skin without dis-balancing the natural PH of the skin. It helps reducing the skins dark spots and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.