Skin energizers
Skin energizers

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Skin energizers

Sometimes the day is too short to finish with all the obligations. It is not good for the health to drink energy drinks. At the end of the day we find our selves tired, our skin is tired and it has a greyish color because of the lack of sleep. So, the solution would be to find something that will energize our skin and will improve our mood by relaxing us at the same time.

There are few natural products which can help us relax and which will calm us down.


  1. Lavender. There are a lot of benefits from the lavender to our mood. The lavender has a calming aroma. Normally, in the cosmetics the lavender is used for an oily skin, but there are also lavender shower gels that relax and are energizing at the same time.

The lavender essential oil is used for a dry hair, for wrinkles, to improve the complexion and to eliminate the dark circles. To eliminate the dark circles, you should mix this oil with an aloe vera gel. You should massage the eye zone. After it has been applied and massaged, you should leave it for 30 minutes and afterwards you should wash it up.


  1. Rosemary. There are a lot of benefits from the rosemary for the health. Just like the lavender, it is also used for an aromatherapy. This plant is the best energizer and the best one to improve your mood. There are a lot of shower gels and body lotions from rosemary. When applied on the face, the rosemary will strengthen and refresh your skin. You can put several drops of rosemary oil in your daily cream, so you can be energized all the time.


  1. Chamomile. The chamomile is a plant which cures a lot of illnesses. Just like the lavender and the rosemary, the chamomile has calming powers. By drinking the chamomile tea, you will have a healthy skin. There are shower gels, body lotions and face creams from chamomile, but if you put a chamomile tea directly on the skin, it can repair the skin from the irritations and it can profoundly clean it. Just like with the lavender and with the rosemary, you will also be energized.