Skin care routine everyone should start today!
Skin care routine everyone should start today!

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Skin care routine everyone should start today!

Do you suffer from frequent acne, inflamed or irritated dry skin, and skin rashes and irritations that don’t go away?

These and many more could be signs of dermatitis or skin inflammation. That is why it is important to develop healthy skin habits and protect your skin starting today!

The first thing you can do is use skin care products that offer UV protection to help keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. Use sunscreen on a daily basis and reapply regularly whenever you're outdoors. Also, wearing hats and protective sun clothing like long sleeves and pants or long skirts are also important when the hot days arrive. And mind of staying indoors when the sun is at its most intense.

Secondary, water is important for your general health especially for the skin hydration. Drinking as much as 2-5 l on a daily basis, depending on the weather, will keep your skin glowy and young for a very long time. Skin that is properly hydrated is less likely to become chapped, scaly, or flaky.

In addition to drinking enough water, keeping your skin moist is essential. By using the right moisturizers, especially the ones with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, or coconut oil will keep the moisture in the skin.

Washing your face is important to remove dirt, oils, germs, and dead cells from your skin, but avoid abrasive exfoliation skin care products, because too much scrubbing can cause irritation and lead to chapped skin that can become vulnerable.

A daily routine that everyone should have is very simple and takes less then 10 minutes and It goes like this:  


  1. Wash the face twice a day with warm water and a mild cleanser
  2. Rinse thoroughly after washing to remove all soap and debris
  3. Gently pat the skin - do not rub
  4. Apply moisturizer with your fingers, by using a circular motion