Skin care regimen before and after the menstrual cycle
Skin care regimen before and after the menstrual cycle

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Skin care regimen before and after the menstrual cycle

Did you know that the women are designed to look much better when they are more fertile? The higher the estrogen is, the better-looking skin they have.

The relationship between the hormones and the skin is very tight. So, very often the skin condition changes depending on the hormonal status. For example, when you experience “that time of the mount” probably you notice some skin changes like acne and breakouts. But, even if you are between the few lucky ones that don’t have this problem, the hormones are affecting the skin constantly as the years go by.

A good skin care during and after the period is crucial for the appearance of the skin.

During the period: Because of the increased inflammation caused by chemicals called prostaglandins the skin is puffy, blotchy and dull. That’s why you should soothe the skin with moisturizer with anti-inflammatory ingredients and use foundation that contains light-reflecting particles for a glowing look.

One week before the ovulation: the skin has amazing look. In this period the pores are smallest, the skin is more hydrated and glowy because of the high level of estrogen. This is the week to go without makeup.

After ovulation: the estrogen starts to fall down, while killing the glow of the skin. Use a mild exfoliant and fragrance-free, non-comedogenic cleanser that won't irritate the skin during the days leading up to the first day of the period.

In the “PMS period”: the skin looks worst. The estrogen is down and makes the skin to produce more oil. That’s why start to appear more acne and breakouts. At this time of the month it is recommended the use of a product with salicylic or glycolic acid that controls the oil production and add a treatment mask which will absorb oil and will clean the pores.