Signs that your skin is crying for help
Signs that your skin is crying for help

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Signs that your skin is crying for help


Caring for the skin is essential and must be part of your everyday beauty routine. Every imbalance that happens in our bodies is noticed firstly on our face. That's why it is very important to know how to read the signals and signs that it sends to us. See what dermatologists say about the symptoms of the facial skin we must take seriously.


  1. Itching

Our face is constantly exposed to dust, dirt, microbes, cold, warm and other irritants, so itching is a very common problem that every person experiences. These are easily removed with washing and cleaning. However, itching can sometimes appear after we put some beauty product on our face. If you notice such symptoms it is very likely that you have allergic reaction, immediately remove the product and wash your face with warm water. Itching also appears if you have dry skin, especially in winter or in windy environments.

  1. Redness

A redness is an alarm that you need to take very seriously. It usually appears after the usage of beauty products which are harmful for the skin and cause clogging of the vessels.

  1. Acne

If the annoying acne start to appear it means that you are using products that are clogging your pores and your skin cannot breathe. Make sure that you are using noncomedogenic products that are formulated not to clog the pores on the skin.

  1. Pain

If you experience pain or tightening on your facial skin it is probably caused by some kind of infection or inflammation. Immediately call your doctor to determine the type of infection because some of them are very serious and can even be life-treating.

 Never underestimate the signals that your skin sends to you, determine your skin type and choose natural beauty products that will not cause damage on it.