Should you wear make up at the gym?
Should you wear make up at the gym?

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Should you wear make up at the gym?

A lot of cosmetic brands have makeup lines for when you go to the gym. There are a lot of waterproof mascaras, long lasting lipsticks and makeup fixators, which are made to last for a longer period of time. 

Regarding the question: "Should I wear makeup at the gum", the opinions are divided. Every women wants to look beautiful during the whole day, but we know that the gym is not a place for a heavy makeup. 


There are women who don't wear makeup at the gym, because they think that it's not a skin friendly. 

According to the dermatologists, you shouldn't wear makeup at the gym, because during the session, the pores open and the makeup blocks the pores. This can cause an aggravation to the skin problems or it can make skin problems where they weren't before. Actually, regarding the dermatologists, it is strongly not advised to wear any kind of makeup at the gym.

It is also not recommended to wear a lipstick, because it can dry the lips, which is not a good combination with the dehydration caused by the physical effort. 

The other negative effect is that the physical effort and the sweating will make your mascara smudge and you will look like a panda. Nobody wants to have the opposite look of what we desire when we do our makeup and that is to be beautiful. 

If you still want to wear makeup at the gym, than you have to carefully choose the products. 

You can either choose a BB or a CC cream, instead of a face powder, because its structure is different and it's not as heavy as the face powder.

You can also choose a waterproof mascara, in order to prevent looking like a panda. 

Instead of putting lipstick, you can use a lip balm.

In the end you need to fix your makeup with a fixator spray and you're ready for the gym.