Several ways to nourish the skin
Several ways to nourish the skin

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Several ways to nourish the skin

In order to have a glowing skin, you need to nourish it. The skin must be always hydrated, needs vitamins and minerals so it can proceed with the natural process of renewal. 

You need to use essential oils and other organic and natural products and you need to have a diet in order to maintain your skin in good conditions.



- Hydrate the skin. The constant hydration is very important in order to have a healthy skin. The water detoxifies the skin, which is very important for the renewal process. The dehydration can cause skin and body diseases. It's is strongly recommended to drink water and to hydrate the skin on the outside.


- Use essential oils. The essential oils give the necessary nourishment to your skin. There are a lot of different types of oils for every skin type. We can use oils in order to repair the skin or we can put several drops of them in our night cream. The effect will be almost the same.


- Make some food masks. Because the vegetables, the fruits, the honey and other foods which each one of us have at home are rich with vitamins, minerals, acids, oligo - elements and other substances, which are necessary in order to nourish the skin, you need to use for making a face mask. It is possible to do masks for any skin type, to remedy acne and to renew the skin.

If you can't decide which food to use, you can proceed with your favorite fruit or vegetable or you can be creative and invent your own recipe for a face mask. 


- Have a diet. Because the skin is an external organ, we don't really pay attention to what we eat, in order to keep it in good conditions. The food is very important in order to have a healthy skin without acne.

It is necessary to take a good skin care, not only on the outside, but on the inside too by taking care of what we eat.

In order to have a healthy skin without acne, dark circles nor wrinkles, you need to give it the needed care.