Say yes to sans makeup!
Say yes to sans makeup!

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Say yes to sans makeup!

Is it possible to look perfect without makeup? According to French women it is better to be makeup free chick, but still look beautiful and seductive. Maybe this sounds to you “to good to be true” cliché, still it is true and it can be done. The trick is to maintain highly polished skin without having on foundation to hide skin imperfections. We know that it is hard for every modern woman to skip all her daily makeup routine, but once you try it you will not regret it. It feels good knowing you look great sans makeup and glowing in any occasion. Our struggle is to make you feel beautiful, desired and confident with yourself, every day! After all, we all know how too much makeup can damaged your face, and even make you look older. Brace yourself with new attitude and show the world your pure beauty!

The word sans come from the French makeup artists and it means without; lacking. As the years go by, makeup trends change as well. If in the eighties and nineties purple blush and green eye shadows were fashionable, today make-up is maximum reduced. Natural beauty is much more appreciated and it became a trend that even many celebrities began to “apply it”. Women who do not wear makeup are much more interesting for the public eye. Let us mention Alicia Keys as latest actual example. This amazing girl with angelic voice has stopped wearing makeup for almost a year. She looks radiant and beautiful wherever she appears. Alicia stated that it is great to not wear makeup and she is happy for not covering her face anymore. As a person who is targeted by photographers she was insecure and uncomfortable at first, but over time she started feeling more superior then ever.

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Sans makeup chicks are comfortable in their own skin and they do not need nobody’s approval. Start practicing your daily makeup free lesson and use less concealer each day. Allow your skin to breathe and get used to leave your home with clean and naked face. Invisible pores are not a myth! Say YES to sans makeup and with a little more discipline and healthy lifestyle, you will be amazed by the results your skin can give you. How great it is to enjoy in your own skin….

Our recommendation is to use the Black Mask minimum once a week, and the Face Toner twice a day (AM and PM). By doing a facial mask occasionally you will allow the skin to regenerate and “reborn” skin cells. You will no longer have troubles with blackheads and clogged pores, dead skin will be gone and skin vitality will be improved. By using a moisturizer as an everyday routine, you will keep your skin moisture and shine during the whole day. Keep up with your new agenda and contact us for more.

Refine your divine!