Say bye bye to the ingrown hair today!
Say bye bye to the ingrown hair today!

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Say bye bye to the ingrown hair today!

Technically, our body hair was not meant to be removed, it’s there for a reason. However, we live in the 21st century, in which it is outrageous to walk around with the hair on the body. And thanks to the new technologies and innovations, we can now get rid of the body hair in many ways.

But, whether it is about depilation or shaving or other methods, when we remove those tiny hairs from our bodies, this disturbs the hair follicles, causing them to bubble up with inflammation as a defense mechanism. Additionally, those bumpy, inflamed follicles create ingrown-hair. And even if we choose to live “as God created us”, ingrown hairs can still happen thanks to a combo of friction, sweat, and the natural coarseness of our hair.

Therefore, below we got the absolute best way to get rid of an ingrown hair.

  1. Exfoliation

The key to preventing and treating all ingrown hairs is exfoliating. This way we’ll keep our hair follicles open so the hair will have a clear path to grow. Always remove the dead skin with a scrubby mitt or a gentle body scrub to keep the hairs from growing inwards or getting caught in the follicle, especially before shaving or waxing.


  1. Use salicylic acid

Once the ingrown hair is there, we’ll need to treat it nicely, or it will get worse through inflammation. After gently massaging the bumps, towel off, and then dab the area with a salicylic acid-based spot treatment as it is really effective at breaking through and dissolving excess skin cells, without irritating the skin.


  1. Soothe

Once a day, apply a thin layer of cortisone cream on the affected area to settle down the inflammation. It will shrink the swollen skin by constricting blood vessels, and the pain and redness will vanish.