Say Aloha to his royalty, the Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil!
Say Aloha to his royalty, the Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil!

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Say Aloha to his royalty, the Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil!

Aloha Ladies!

We are honored to present you one fabulous ingredient used for many years throughout the islands of Hawaii, his majesty the Kukui Nut Oil. It is Hawaii 's official state tree brought to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers. The word "Kukui" means ‘enlightenment' in Hawaiian. Kukui nut oil was used to massage members of royalty, who were sometimes massaged for many hours! lately it has become more mainstream in the modern world.

It is one of the best natural oils that contains linoleic and alpha-linolenic fatty acids. It is used to moisturize and protect the skin from sun, salt, wind and other environmental elements. This oil also has healing effect for minor skin irritations, such as wounds, and burns. But, it is most commonly used as a massage oil. The fatty acids present in kukui nut make it a superior moisturizing product for dry skin and hair. 

It is very easily absorbed in the skin, and protects the skin against environmental damage forming a protective barrier and leaving the skin silky and smooth. It does not leave the skin feeling greasy. This oil contains vitamins A, C, and E, which are antioxidants known to protect the skin and prevent free-radical damage to the skin cells. It is one of the best for dry and dull skin and has anti-aging and radiant effect. Also, it works well as an under-eye treatment for the prevention and softening of crow's feet.

Kukui nut oil is an excellent oil to add to your body care products, especially your creams, lotions, and massage oils. But, be careful when exposed to high temperatures. It might lose quality, even spoil.

Another use of this natural oil is for treatment for dry and dull hair and scalp. The amino acids and essential fatty acids penetrate the hair and leave hair looking shiny, healthy and moisturized.