Salt for the skin?
Salt for the skin?

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Salt for the skin?

The salt can be refined or sea salt. The sea salt is better for the health, because the refined salt is already treated.

But, did you know that the salt has a wide usage in cosmetics? In cosmetics, it is also better to use the sea salt than the refined one.



  • The salt to prepare a homemade peeling. The salt is rich with minerals and it has an antiseptic effect when it is put on the skin. The peeling made out of salt is very effective in renewing the skin and in improving its elasticity.

We recommend the coarse salt to make a body scrub for every skin type and a fine salt if you have a sensitive skin. You should only scrub the skin with salt.

If you want to make a peeling that will leave your skin soft and nourished, you can also mix the salt with essential oils. Your skin will be well hydrated.


  • Eliminate the toxins. If you add a salt in your bath tub, you will be able to eliminate the body and the skin toxins. The salt has a relaxing effect on the organism.

The bath salts are very popular, but it is better to use sea salt, because the bath salts are also treated and artificial.


  • The sea salt remedies the skin. To bring the sea at home, you can add a sea salt in a mineral water. You can use this water to remedy acne or to remedy other skin diseases.

You can also use this water as a cleansing tonic twice a day.


  • Salt to nourish the feet. The feet are sensible.

To have soft feet, you need to do a foot peeling with salt. You can also put a salt water in your foot cream.


The salt is very beneficial for the health of the skin. It relaxes, it cleans and it detoxifies. The salt is also used for different acne and massage treatments in the beauty salons.