Rosehip seed oil - a great anti-ageing moisturizer
Rosehip seed oil - a great anti-ageing moisturizer

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Rosehip seed oil - a great anti-ageing moisturizer

Unlike any other oil, rosehip seed oil is considered a dry oil, because it penetrates into the skin very quickly. Its essential fatty acids penetrate deeply and soothe dry and very dry skin.  It has many unique properties that make it a great choice for aging skin.

Here some of them:

  • Rosehip seed oil prevents wrinkles by encouraging the skin to form its own collagen due to its naturally occurring vitamin A.
  • Rosehip seed oil keeps skin supple and strong by nourishing skin with vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Rosehip seed oil is very high in linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids, which promote cellular regeneration and keep skin looking youthful.
  • Rosehip seed oil helps in wound healing and reduction in scarring after surgical procedures.
  • Rosehip seed oil reduces the effects of photo-aging from sun exposure due to its vitamin A (retinol) content.


Also, Rosehip seed oil: Penetrates the Skin, Boosts Collagen Production, Nourishes and Regenerates, Soothes Skin and Scars and acts as a great facial moisturizer.

Here it is one recipe for Homemade Rosehip Seed Oil Facial Moisturizer

  • This rosehip seed oil facial moisturizer recipe contains seven skin-boosting ingredients and it can last months and cost much less than any anti-aging product.



  • 1 TBSP beeswax
  • 1 TBSP mango butter
  • 1/4 cup sweet almond oil
  • 10 drops vitamin E
  • 2 TBSP rosehip seed oil
  • 7 drops frankincense essential oil (or carrot seed if preferred)
  • 7 drops patchouli essential oil (or geranium if preferred)



  • Mix beeswax, mango butter, and sweet almond oil in a glass bowl, then put it on top of a smaller pot filled halfway with water to create a double boiler. Turn the heat on medium high.
  • Stir until is melted, then remove the bowl and let it cool down.
  • Stir in the rosehip seed oil, vitamin E and essential oils. Since these oils are more heat sensitive, don’t get them too hot.
  • Refrigerate until the mixture is cooled.
  • Use a mixer or a hand whisk to mix the facial moisturizer until creamy and smooth.
  • Store the moisturizer in a glass jar or metal tin.



Use it on a clean skin with a gentle massage in a circular motion.