Rosacea - treatments and cures
Rosacea - treatments and cures

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Rosacea - treatments and cures

Previously we’ve talked about the types and symptoms of rosacea and what are the main triggers. Now let’s talk about the treatments and cures for this unpleasant skin condition.

Some of the ways that rosacea is commonly treated by dermatologists include the use of prescriptions medicines and receiving skin treatments like dermabrasion, emollients, laser therapy and other treatments that will remove any allergies, sensitives or common gut irritants and prevent irritation from UV light, redness and flare-ups. However, we have much more natural ways of treating rosacea to offer.

Here are some of them:

  1. DIET

As there is a big connection between skin and gastrointestinal tract disorders, identifying food triggers is an important first step. The best way to beat rosacea is to focus on anti-inflammatory foods and remove common allergens that can make a huge impact on skin disorders.

The best foods for healing rosacea are:

  • Organic vegetables and fruits like leafy greens and orange-yellow fruits;
  • Healthy fats like coconut and olive oil, avocado, nuts, flax and chia seeds;
  • Clean proteins like salmon, cage-free eggs, grass-fed animal products, and legumes;
  • Anti-inflammatory foods and herbs like turmeric, ginger, garlic, onions, cruciferous vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, and green tea.

The foods to avoid:

  • Anything that causes allergies like gluten, nuts, shellfish, seafood, dairy or eggs;
  • Alcohol and caffeine;
  • Sugar and processed foods;
  • Dairy products like yogurt, cheese, milk, ice cream;
  • Fried foods, trans fats and hydrogenated oils such as corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower and canola oils.



UV light can worsen the signs of rosacea and cause inflammation, but the use of a sunscreen can offer significant benefits against flare-ups. Just be careful because many sunscreens are toxic and therefore can make symptoms even worse.



A non-chemical and naturally antibacterial skin moisturizer like coconut oil can provide essential acids to the skin without causing breakouts and further irritations. Plants rich in natural oils like coconuts, aloe and many essential oils are commonly used to treat many skin problems including rosacea.  



Stress is a common trigger of rosacea that can bring on flare-ups. Therefore, try to avoid stressful situations and control the emotions.