Repair your skin and hair with Shea butter
Repair your skin and hair with Shea butter

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Repair your skin and hair with Shea butter

The world of natural beauty products is rich and enormous. It seems that there is not a natural ingredient which is not beneficial for our bodies, skin and hair. Today we are going to introduce you with one of the most remarkable ingredients that is contained in almost every beauty product because of its friendly properties for our skin. The amazing Shea butter.

Its healing and beauty properties were used long ago by African people, from where it naturally originated. It is so much appreciated in Africa that is considered sacred among some tribes and some even use it for cooking. And as a beauty product, it is super-food for the skin too. It is full of nutrients like fatty acids, phenolics (known for their antioxidant properties) and also vitamins A, E and F.


Making the Shea butter a part of your daily skincare routine will make your skin revived and glowing. Because it is extremely moisturizing and highly hydrating, it is perfect for dry skin. It penetrates the skin easily providing immediate softness and smoothness.

Having the right nutrients for a youthful skin, the Shea butter fights against the wrinkles keeping you young and beautiful. Cinnamic acid found in the butter is a great protector from the UV-raids, although the amount of protection depends from the quality of the Shea butter.

Raw Shea butter is suitable for babies too. Since it has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties it can heal diaper rashes quickly, so use it without fear because it doesn’t contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that can be harmful for baby’s skin.

Even your hair can feel the benefits of the Shea butter. It’s a natural conditioner that will easily treat your hair’s split ends and keep those rebel curls in place.