Regenerate the skin with grapes
Regenerate the skin with grapes

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Regenerate the skin with grapes

Did you know that grapes were a beauty ally? The grapes can regenerate the skin and the hair and can improve the general condition of your skin. We can use grapes directly on the skin (their oil) or, we can eat them. If we eat grapes, they can detoxify the skin and the organism and they have anti-cholesterol virtues.



To enjoy the benefits of the grapes for the skin and the hair, there is a grapeseed oil. The grapeseed oil is rich with omega 6 and 9 and with resveratrol, which is its most powerful antioxidant. The grapeseed oil has a lot of benefits for the skin and the hair, but our most favorite one is that we can use it to massage the face and the body. To have a calming effect, we can mix it with a lavender oil.

This oil is recommended for an oily and a combination skin, because it controls the excess of sebum and the skin is not oily afterwards.

Rich in polyphenols, the grapeseed oil has a reputation, that it has an anti – age effect on the skin, because it nourishes the skin profoundly.

The grapeseed oil is also rich with vitamin E, which is the most important vitamin needed for the process of the skin regeneration. This oil hydrates and nourishes the dry skin too.

Because the skin needs to be hydrated at all times, the grapeseed oil protects the skin from dehydration.


We can also drink grape juice. The juice from white grapes should be consumed in order to detoxify the skin and the organism. The detoxification is very important so the skin can function properly. The white grapes are rich with vitamin B1, which improves the condition of the skin and which helps regenerate the skin faster.

If we eat no matter which type of grapes (either the white or the red ones), we will have a glowing skin and a unified complexion. The hair will grow faster, because the grapes regenerate the skin on the scull too.