Refresh your skin with some cooling Ice Cubes
Refresh your skin with some cooling Ice Cubes

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Refresh your skin with some cooling Ice Cubes

Did you know that except that you are using the ice cubes in a drink to refresh yourself when summer heat spreads its wings, you can refresh your skin with them too? They can be one of your best companions for your skincare routine. It is proven that cold ice may help reduce pimples, sunburns and skin inflammation. They can even exfoliate the skin. Not convinced yet? Here we have proven recipes of how you can use this remedy in your skin care routine.  

  • Ice cubes are the most famous removers of puffy eyes. Put some ice cubes of water, milk or green tea, and apply them around your puffed eyes.  However, beware you don't put it around your eyes for too long. And also, don’t use them right out of the fridge, because it may stick to the skin and cause pain.
  • Ice cubes are proven to be effective for acne-prone skin. They may not cure the skin of pimple completely but, it can surely help to shrink or compress it. Ice helps cool down the inflamed skin. Although for the ones with sensitive skin the ice massage may aggravate the bacterial action.

  • If you are struggling with oily skin give cooling and refreshing ice cubes a chance. Ice cubes can control the oil secretion on the skin, by giving a fresh and oil-free skin. Once the oiliness is reduced, you may need to apply a little moisturizer. To make it even more refreshing try using mint ice cubes.
  • Ice cubes are also a great remedy for skin exfoliation. They are proven to be great removers of dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. Milk, cucumber or berries ice cubes are even better than the water-based ones. The lactic acid in the milk scrubs away the dead skin cells and the antioxidants present in cucumbers and berries would help give you a face lift.


Plus, tip: You can use cucumber ice cubes to soothe the painful effect of sunburns.