Protect the skin with antioxidants
Protect the skin with antioxidants

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Protect the skin with antioxidants

The antioxidants are essential for a glowing skin.

The external factors, such as the pollution, the tobacco and the stress contribute to the oxidation process of the cells. This process is the process of a premature skin aging. The antioxidants slow down this process of a premature skin aging and help in preventing cancer of the skin. This is why the antioxidants are so important for a proper skin function.

We can find them in some foods, dietary supplements or in cosmetic products. Another way of multiplying them is to do sports and to detoxify the skin.



Which substances are the antioxidants? The antioxidants are the: vitamins (C and E), beta – carotene, oligo – elements (zinc - selenium), omega – 3 (fatty acids), polyphenols etc.

The antioxidants are present in healthy foods such as: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, wine, vegetable oils, essential oils etc.

We should eat healthy food every day, so we can obtain the necessary quantity of antioxidants, because the vitamins, for example, are known to be lost after one day in the organism.

Another way, is to use cosmetic products, which contain antioxidants. Normally, the anti – aging products are rich with antioxidants.

The essential oils and the vegetable oils are also rich with antioxidants. There are essential and vegetable oils which can be eaten. Those oils can be used directly on the skin too, but there are also essential and vegetable oils which can only be applied on the hair or on the skin, but can’t be eaten.


Why the skin needs to be cleansed regularly? Yes, there is food rich with antioxidants, but, it is also very important so cleanse the skin regularly. The exterior factors such as the pollution, the stress and the tobacco are skin enemies which accelerate the oxidation process of the skin cells, which is responsible for a lot of skin diseases. So, you need to use a make – up remover to remove the make – up, and use a cleansing gel to cleanse the face afterwards. The next stage is to use a face tonic, so you can cleanse and nourish the skin and a face cream or an essential oil to finish whit, so you can improve the general state of the skin.