Prepare your skin for spring
Prepare your skin for spring

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Prepare your skin for spring

The spring is on its way and the first sun rays are already here. 

Because every season is different, the skin needs a different type of care.

In winter the skin is drier, because of the cold weather and in spring there are different challenges for the skin, such as the spring allergies which cause redness on the skin.



- The skin is more sensitive in spring. The cold and windy weather is over, but the skin is more sensitive in spring than in winter. The sun shines brighter in spring. The air is different because of the trees. 

To protect the skin you need to use facial creams which contain UVA and UVB protection. The cream should also be nourishing because a good facial creams creates a protective barrier against the sun and against the external influences. 


- Regenerate the skin. With the arrival of the spring, our skin needs to be regenerated. Just like the nature which wakes up in spring, our skin also wakes up. 

To regenerate it, you need to use overnight masks and night facial creams. The night is the best time to regenerate the skin because the skin itself also regenerates during night time. Because we can't use night masks every day, we can use them twice a week and we can put night creams on the other nights. The night creams are more nourishing, richer in vitamins and have a more oily structure than the day creams. 


- Refresh the skin. In order to get a new skin, you have to refresh it. In order to refresh it, you need to do regular scrubs. You have to find the scrub which is the best for your skin type. You can also do a homemade scrub based on salt and essential oils. You should also find an oil which is perfect for your skin type.

You should also do a body scrub, because in spring the clothes are more revealing, so the skin is exposed on the sun. In this case, you should also protect those body parts with a sunscreen.