Prepare your skin, 'cause the Fall is nearby...
Prepare your skin, 'cause the Fall is nearby...

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Prepare your skin, 'cause the Fall is nearby...

Summer slowly but certainly is leaving, and believe it or not, autumn is on the doorstep. And the question we want to ask is the following: Is our skin ready for fall? After the warm, sunny, moist weather of summer, our skin must adapt to much drier and cooler air.

Fortunately, with the right skin care regimen, we can transfer from summer to fall, and still have glowing, beautiful skin throughout the whole year.


Tip no. #1: Don’t forget to use sunscreen all year around!

Just because the weather gets cooler and less sunny doesn’t mean that we have to stop using sunscreen… Although is fall, our skin is still continuously damaged by the UV-A and UV-B rays. Use a sunscreen or primer that contains SPF 30 or higher.


Tip no. #2: Always use a serum under the moisturizer!

Cooler weather brings drier air, so we have to switch the lightweight moisturizer to something heavier and creamier. Additionally, a serum beneath a medium-weight moisturizer is also a good idea, as it will give the skin benefit of using a thicker moisturizer while shielding the skin from a pore-clogging cream.


Tip no. #3: Exfoliate regularly!

During the fall, the skin gets dryer which will make it more susceptible to damage. This dryness can cause dead skin cells to accumulate more easily. Using a gentle exfoliant on a regular basis will keep the skin looking young and fresh. After exfoliating, come serum and moisturizer.


Tip no. #4: Protect the eye area!

The skin around your eyes is very thin and fragile. So, we should prevent fine lines and wrinkles in this delicate area by using moisturizing eye creams.


Tip no. #5: Eat right!

Healthy skin starts by eating the right foods rich in fatty acids and antioxidants such as salmon, oysters, carrots, blueberries, cucumbers, cauliflower and many other...