Pineapple for a glowing skin!
Pineapple for a glowing skin!

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Pineapple for a glowing skin!

The pineapple is an exotic fruit which can be found in summer, but also in winter.

The pineapple is rich with vitamins C, B1 and B6, which boost the immunity system, but are also good for the skin. Let’s see why should we use it and consume it:



  • The pineapple detoxifies the skin. It is well known that the pineapple can help us lose some weight. We can lose weight by eating pineapple, because the pineapple detoxifies both, the organism and the skin. It is consisted of minerals which help eliminate all the toxins accumulated in the organism and in the skin. If the skin is not detoxified, it can’t function properly. It is very important to detoxify the skin regularly.


  • Pineapple to cure acne. The pineapple is an elixir for the skin. Not only that it is rich with vitamin C but it is also rich with bromelain. Thanks to the vitamin C and the bromelain, the pineapple can help in the fight against acne. You can eat it or you can use it as a main ingredient for the homemade face masks.


  • Pineapple to reduce the wrinkles. The pineapple is rich with antioxidants which reduce the wrinkles. Not only that the pineapple reduces the wrinkles but it also has an anti – aging effect. You can eat pineapple to improve your skin’s condition.


  • Pineapple to cure the skin. The pineapple has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps the tissues cure faster. You don’t have to apply it directly on the skin. You can only consume it.


  • Pineapple to lighten the skin. The pineapple is consisted of acids which lighten the skin naturally, without destroying it. The pineapple can also whiten the skin’s dark spots. It is sufficient to use a pineapple scrub and a pineapple mask afterwards. The pineapple’s acids have a natural exfoliating effect.


The pineapple is a real elixir for the skin which is beneficial for every woman, no matter the age, because it reduces the wrinkles and it cures acne. We can consume pineapple without moderation.