Pimples..That annoying word.
Pimples..That annoying word.

Pimples..That annoying word.

Pimples also known as acne is the most frequent skin condition that affects a large number of the population in the United States. Most commonly the pimples or acne, occur in the period of puberty, and then continue in later years, more frequently in the female population, and smaller number in males, because of the hormonal instability. We can say that it is a kind of autoimmune disease, that occur all of us in some point of our life.

But, what is pimple or acne and how can we get rid of that annoying thing?

A pimple or acne is a small comedone that is developed when the oil glands get clogged and infected with bacteria. Consequently, they become red, swelling bags filed with pus housed just under the surface of the skin. The most common place for pimples is the face, but they appear also in other places like the neck, beck, arms, legs etc.

It’s necessary to treat the pimples regularly because otherwise the result might be devastating. Pimples or acne can cause scarring. It is more likely to get scarring when your skin is infected, inflamed and swollen. So, the best is to treat the skin as soon as possible.

A regular visit to a cosmetologist and regular skin care can drastically change and improve skin condition and prevent conceiving new acne.

Also, a few life changes can make your skin acne-free. For example, good and regular 8-hour night sleep is the basic, then nutritious and healthy food plays a big role in the condition of the skin, regular exercise releases the skin from toxins, 2-3 litters of water a day for hydration and elasticity and regular cleansing and exfoliation are the base of a clean skin. Аll of those habits contribute your skin to be healthy and beautiful, so adopt them in your daily schedule and your skin will return you with its beauty.