Perfect make-up for oily skin
Perfect make-up for oily skin

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Perfect make-up for oily skin

Problematic skin also known as oily skin has tendency of excessive oil secretion. Due to excess oil the combination of makeup and oily skin must be difficult. It happens quite often for those with oily skin to melt away their make up easily. This is the particular skin type where the makeup oxidizes too soon. But, there are certain tricks that can work excellent on oily skin complexions.

Follow these 8 steps if you are one of the oily skin sufferers:

1. Skin Cleansing

  • Before applying any make-up, you have to firs deeply cleanse your face with face cleanser for oily skin

2. Pre-make-up preparation

  • Choose makeup primer intended for the oily skin, i.e. anti-shine and oil free primers are perfect for this skin type.

3. Eye makeup preparation

  • Avoid priming eye lids and instead use a primer which will be only for the eye lids. This will work well in soaking oil from the face and will be a perfect base for eye liner and eye shadow.

4. Foundation

  • Oily skin foundation should not be shinny and heavy when applied on the skin. If you have oily skin, the best type of foundation is powdered foundation.

5. Face powder

  • Oil-free face powders will remove excess shine that you have achieved due to your oily skin tone. Also, this way the foundation will last for a long time.

6. Matte Blushers

  • To avoid the appearance of more oil, replace the shimmer with powdered blusher, because it is more preferable for oily skin

 7. Make-up

  • Oil-free or mineral makeup is recommended, since oil based make up will boost the oil production.

8. Absorbing excess oil

  • always keep tissue paper or blotting paper to soak the excess oil from the face.

If you follow these simple rules your face won’t “melt down” and your make-up will remain perfectly applied for a very long time.