"Penis Facial" - The new age skin treatment, famous among Hollywood st
"Penis Facial" - The new age skin treatment, famous among Hollywood stars

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"Penis Facial" - The new age skin treatment, famous among Hollywood stars

We don’t know what’s the craziest facial treatment you’ve ever heard off (or maybe already tried), but for us, the “Penis Facial” definitely takes the first place.

Many Hollywood stars have already praised the amazing results of this eccentric beauty treatment like, for example, Sandra Bullock which has already revealed that she and Cate Blanchett are very big fans of the “Penis Facial.”

But, First Let’s See Why Such A Fuss Jetty.

The Penis Facial treatment involves the use of epidermal growth factors called EGF, which are derived from stem cells taken from the foreskins of newborn babies. Apparently, EGF can help rejuvenate the skin, improve overall skin texture and correct discoloration. It’s also said to help wound healing.

This expensive facial consists of a TCA chemical peel, followed by micro-needling that involves a process of creating tiny holes in the skin with a special tool, to promote healing and the creation of new collagen which additionally allows for better, deeper product absorption. Following the micro-needling, there is a special “electrifying” mask to calm the skin. And then comes the EGF serum.

Now, A Little Explanation About The EGF…

This last is a polypeptide - a chain of amino acids, found in the skin’s fibroblast that promotes cell growth, development, and healing. The EGF is used in cosmetic products and treatments because this ingredient has been showing skin rejuvenating benefits. But, because its molecules are actually quite big, and can hardly penetrate the skin, it is needed the use of micro-needling to open the path for better absorption.

Additionally, the baby foreskins aren’t the only source of EGF. While the EGF in many beauty products appears to come from babies, but the growth factor can also be found in kidneys, urine, and saliva.  However, the growth factors derived from saliva or urine don’t have exactly the same functions as those from the skin. They do, however, overlap in their abilities for wound healing.