Pearl powder for plump and glowing skin
Pearl powder for plump and glowing skin

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Pearl powder for plump and glowing skin

Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, аpart from having a habit of taking a bath in milk, had another secret ingredient in her beauty regimen that made her skin bright, clear and firm.  That secret beauty ingredient which originates from the depths of the sea is full of minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, silica needed for a healthy brain, hormones, immune system and skin and it is called Pearl powder.

The pearl powder is made when the luminescent pearl beads are ground into a fine powder. Pearl powder contains a special compound known as conchiolin. Conchiolin is what gives pearls their rainbow luminescence. This unique pearl protein promotes healthy collagen production, which results in plump, glowing skin. Conchiolin protein has similar effects as keratin, which is one of the proteins in our skin and hair able to improve hydration of skin cells, speed up cell metabolism, increase circulation, and helps in repairing the damaged skin cells.

Now here we will present you 3 ways you can use the pearl powder for skin health.

  1. Pearl powder as a face mask
  • Mix a pearl powder with rose water, until thick liquid and apply to your face with fingers. Let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.


  1. Pearl powder as a finishing make-up powder
  • Take some pearl powder with a fluffy makeup brush and brush your face with it. As a bonus, you’ll reap the skin care benefits of pearl powder by using it this way. You can even apply it before bed, and it helps soothe the skin and absorb excess oil during the night.


  1. Pearl powder as a beauty supplement
  • 100% pure Pearl powder can be taken internally to support skin health as it has many beauty properties such as amino acids, antioxidants and proteins that can boost and stimulate the regeneration of collagen.