Pamper your skin and hair with rice water
Pamper your skin and hair with rice water

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Pamper your skin and hair with rice water

 The next time you cook rice, think twice before throwing out the water. Not only it's one of the healthiest cereals for consuming, the water from this ingredient can be used as a part of your everyday beauty regime too. The benefits of this  ingredient  for the skin and hair were discovered long ago by the Asian women, who used it to beautify their face, body and hair. A very important ingredient that the rice contains Is ‘pit era’, which is used in many expensive beauty products because it makes the skin glowing and clean.

Scientists made a lot of researches to discover the benefits of rice water and proved that it is very beneficial for use in today’s modern era too. If you are curious to know the benefits of this natural ingredient don’t go away because they are numerous and healthy.

 You can use rice water as a face toner. It contains allanatoin which has anti-inflammatory properties and regenerates your skin making it youthful and soft.

Use the rice water to clean your face daily. Massage it with the water two times a day and have tight and crystal clean skin. You will be surprised how your skin changes every day.

And if you are one of those people who have tried everything to fight the annoying acne and nothing has helped, don’t worry because rice water can be extremely useful in curing them. Just apply it directly on the affected skin and wait for the results.

The rice water contains amino-acids as well as vitamins B, C and E which decrease hair loss and help in hair growth. You can use it twice a week, apply it after washing your hair with shampoo, leave it 20 minutes and wash it off, in this way it will affect as a conditioner too, making your hair silky and shiny, enhancing its elasticity.

Make your skin and hair beautiful, we definitely recommend this magical ingredient to you.