Nutella masks for a beautiful skin?
Nutella masks for a beautiful skin?

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Nutella masks for a beautiful skin?

Yes, you read that right: Nutella masks. We couldn't believe it either, but it is possible. 

From today on, the Nutella is not only your favorite sweet pleasure, but it is also your secret ingredient for a beautiful skin.

Of course that you shouldn't exaggerate with the Nutella, because it is rich with sugars, but you can use it on the skin for as much as you want.



An anti - aging mask. Yes the Nutella can also fight against the wrinkles. To prepare this mask you will need: melted Nutella, 1 spoon of vegetable or animal milk, 1 spoon of honey and Argan oil.

Mix the ingredients.

Apply the mask and rinse it after 15 minutes. 


- A mask to renew the color of the brown hair. To hydrate the scalp and to renew the color of the brown hair, you should try this mask: 18 g of Nutella, 90 g of mineral water, 1/4 spoon of Shea butter, 1 spoon of aloe Vera, 7 drops of neutral washing base, 24 g of olive oil, 15 drops of grapefruit seeds extract and 1 spoon of emulsifying wax.

Mix the mineral water with the aloe Vera and with the Nutella. 

Heat the wax, the olive oil and the Shea butter. Heat them until you get a homogeneous paste. Add the first mixture of the mineral water, the aloe Vera and the Nutella. Mix it well. Add the washing base and the grapefruit seeds extract. Mix and put the mixture in a sterile bottle. 

Apply the mask on a wet hair after the shampooing. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse it afterwards.


- The beauty secret of Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton revealed her beauty secret: the Nutella. She uses Nutella masks in order to have a beautiful complexion.

But the beauticians are divided on those who recommend it and on those who don't recommend it.

However, the Nutella is not recommended for an oily skin, because it leaves a greasy film.


It is up to you to decide if you will try this new Nutella trend or not.