Natural lip care
Natural lip care

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Natural lip care


We would like to have naturally rose, healthy and sexy lips.

If you have sensitive lips, the lip balms dry your lips out. If you think that a regular lip balm use will save your lips, you are far from the truth.

The truth is, the lip balms dry your lips out and you become dependent of your lip balm. The lip balms make an addiction.

It is always better to make a homemade lip care and to use natural products.



  • Use Vaseline. The Vaseline is a remedy which you can use instead of the lip balm and which doesn’t dry the lips out, but it nourishes the lips profoundly. The Vaseline doesn’t make your lips addictive to it and because your lips are nourished profoundly, you don’t have to put it on all the time, like you do with your regular lip balm.


  • Do your own homemade lip balm. Another solution to get rid of the regular lip balms is to do your own homemade lip balm. It’s a very creative and a very easy process. The homemade lip balms are based on Vaseline and essential oils. You can be sure that what you put on your lips doesn’t contain toxins.


  • Honey to save the lips. If you have a very important meeting and your lips are dry, the honey can be your savior. It is sufficient to put honey on the lips, let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse it with a lukewarm water afterwards. In this case the honey can function as a lip mask. If your lips are very dry, you can also put a plastic film over the honey. It is the same procedure – you leave it sit for 15 minutes, you remove the plastic film and you rinse the honey with a lukewarm water.


  • Do a lip peeling. In order to have beautiful lips, you have to do a lip peeling. It is recommended to do natural homemade lip peelings.


What is important in order to have beautiful lips is that you should always take care of them without exception.