Natural face cleansers
Natural face cleansers

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Natural face cleansers

It is essential to cleanse the face in order to get rid of the impurities and to open the pores, so you can have a glowing skin.

The cleansing is the next step after the makeup removing phase and before the face cream phase.

Normally, there are plenty of cleansing products out there, such as toners, gels, soaps, micellar waters etc., but there are also natural ways of cleansing the face.



  • A floral water in the morning. It is essential to gently cleanse the face every morning. A part from the mild toners, you can also use natural toners, such as floral waters. The most used floral water is the rose water, which can be used for a sensitive and dry skin. You apply several drops of it on a cotton pad and you cleanse the face with. You can apply a cream with SPF afterwards.


  • Soaps at night. Some soaps can remedy acne and can control the excess of sebum. This is why the soaps are normally recommended for a skin prone to acne, for an oily and a combination skin. But it’s essential that the soap doesn’t disturb the pH of the skin.

If you have a dry skin, you should choose a soap based on essential oils.

The soap is 2 in 1, because the soap remedies acne and it cleanses the skin.

It is better to do your own homemade soap, in order to receive the best care for your skin type.


  • Lemon juice for every skin type. The lemon juice is a natural cleanser which is convenient for every skin type. The lemon juice cleanses the skin profoundly, remedies acnes, improves the wrinkles and lightens the skin.

You can rub the face with a lemon slice 3 times a week, or you can add several drops of lemon juice on a cotton pad and cleanse the face with it.

But this method is not recommended for persons with a sensitive skin, as the lemon can irritate their skin.


It is essential to cleanse the skin twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, in order to have a healthy skin.