Natural deodorants
Natural deodorants

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Natural deodorants

Lately, the people are becoming more and more aware of the negative effects of the artificial deodorants. We have a habit of not reading the ingredients on the back of the deodorants. They are consisted of ingredients which are very dangerous for the health. Those are the aluminum salts, alcohol, parabens etc. They can cause a breast cancer, anemias of neurodegenerative diseases etc., because they get in the skin with each usage.

The main difference between the deodorants and the antiperspirants is that the antiperspirants block the pores, so the skin can not breathe. The deodorants do not block the pores so the skin can breathe, but they still might be consisted of some dangerous ingredients.

The solution would be to use something natural in order to prevent health problems.

It is recommended to use a baking soda and an alum stone in order to avoid the ordinary deodorants and antiperspirants.

The baking soda is usually used to get rid of the undesirable odors on the whole body. It has a multipurpose usage. It can be use to whiten and to brush the teeth, as a replacement to the ordinary deodorant, to clean up the hairbrushes, for scrubbing the face, to eliminate the undesirable odor on the feet, as a dry shampoo etc.

This product is 100% ecological, it is also very economical because it costs less than the artificial antiperspirants.

The alum stone it is a stone consisted of an aluminum. This is why it is very discussed if this stone is dangerous to be used or not.

It is a natural deodorant with which the skin breaths, eliminating the undesirable odors. It is still unclear if it is dangerous to be used or not. It contains aluminum sulphates, which is very different from the content of the ordinary antiperspirants. They contain aluminum chloralhydrate. According to other studies, some food also contains aluminum.

However, the baking soda and the alum stone are still a better solution than the artificial deodorants or antiperspirants.