Meditation is good for the skin too!
Meditation is good for the skin too!

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Meditation is good for the skin too!

There are plenty of benefits of practicing medication, such as: stress reduction, calmer mental state etc. But, one of the side benefits of meditation is strictly cosmetic: it can help reduce some skin conditions. In fact, the calmer mental state can have some pretty powerful benefits for the skin.

Because of the fact that skin responses to emotional stimuli and psychological influences, a regular meditation can impact diverse skin conditions, like for example the most frequent acne, and also psoriasis and rosacea.

When we get stressed out, the hormone called cortisol gets triggered, which increases the testosterone causing hormonal acne, especially in adult women. That cortisol worsens acne because the testosterone increases oil production causing degradation of collagen and elastin which play big role in skin aging and other inflammatory conditions.

Being mindful and meditation is beneficial for everyone so everyone can start the meditative skin regimen by relaxing and let the mind to clear itself. It is very simple act of sitting and calmly focusing on the breath through the rise and fall of the chest. It doesn't matter how long it lasts. It is recommended to practice 15-20 minutes, couple of times a week, but when there is no time in the everyday rush, then one minute is better than nothing. It is about reducing the chronic stress and strain that keeps flare-ups coming at a minimum, so why not throw a little mindfulness at our skin conditions.

The bottom line, the meditation does help our skin overall. It's not just that we're only going to be mindful, but this practice in addition to our skin care regimen helps us improve our condition faster by allowing us to focus on the present moment. Nothing is permanent and things are always changing. So, that annoying pimple happening right now is not a big deal anyways.