Match your makeup with your outfit
Match your makeup with your outfit

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Match your makeup with your outfit

When choosing the lipstick’s and the eye shadow’s color, we should follow many factors such as: the color and the form of the eyes, the form of the lips, the hair color, the complexion’s color and the outfit color.

How can we match the makeup with the outfit?



  • We choose the lipstick color according to the color of the key accessory. If you wear clothes in few colors you will also have accessories, or if you have printed clothes with flowers for example, you should choose the lipstick color according to the key accessory’s color or according to the color of the flowers. You will get an interesting look which draws the attention.


  • Which makeup with khaki clothes? The khaki clothes and the military look are very modern. But we can’t wear khaki eyeshadows with those kinds of clothes.

With military or khaki clothes, you should wear a very gentle and natural makeup – nude and gold shades. The lips should also be nude and natural.


  • Which makeup with a yellow dress? With a yellow dress it is best to wear blue eyeshadows. All the shades of blue eyeshadows are accepted, but the darkest ones would look the best.

Regarding the lipstick, a nude lipstick would be perfect.


  • Which makeup with pastel clothes? Because the pastel clothes give a sophisticated look, we can’t wear an eccentric makeup. The best solution is to apply orange eyeshadows, but a light orange which is a mixture of orange and light brown.

The lipstick would be too much, so you need to go with a lip gloss, but an invisible one.


  • Which makeup with a black dress? The black dress is a classic and elegant dress which we should always have.

The black dress gives us more choice regarding the makeup. The lipstick can be plum, rose, fuchsia, nude or red.


Don’t forget that the smile is the best makeup!