Makeup tips for Christmas or New Year
Makeup tips for Christmas or New Year

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Makeup tips for Christmas or New Year

The most important holidays of the winter: Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. We will celebrate them with the closest ones. So, we have to prepare our makeup.

During this time of the year we can wear a sparkly makeup, so we can reveal our holiday spirit.



  • Prepare the skin. Before putting makeup on, we have to prepare the skin.

You should cleanse the skin, exfoliate it and nourish it in advance.

On the D – Day you can use a serum as a makeup base, especially if you have a dry skin. Apply the serum one hour before putting the makeup on.


  • Use another color for the mascara. We normally use a black mascara. But for the holidays everything is allowed. To have fun and to try a new look, you can use a different mascara. For those who don’t want to experiment, you can use a black mascara with golden sparkles. For the others who are braver and more eccentric, you can use a golden mascara.


  • Glitters for the eyes. It is not very common to use glittery eyeshadows for another occasion, but for Christmas and for the New Year it is normal to use them. There are different colors of the glittery eyeshadows, so it’s up to you to choose your favorite color.

            We recommend violet glittery shades.


  • Matte lips. Because you will have glitter on the eyes, you should have matte lips. It will be too much to have glitter on both, the lips and the eyes.

You start by contouring the lips with a red lip pencil.

You apply a rose lipstick and a red lipstick. You mix them to get a specific color.


Don’t forget to use a fixator, so your makeup can last longer. The glitters can start following down if you used big glitters.


Have fun!