Makeup for women with glasses
Makeup for women with glasses

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Makeup for women with glasses

When you wear glasses is a little bit difficult to do your makeup. Not only that you don’t see very well, but it is hard because you also want to accentuate the eyes (since the glasses hide them), but without using a heavy makeup. We have the best advices on how to accentuate the eyes and wear the makeup the whole day:

  • The mascara is a must! If you want to accentuate and draw more attention to your eyes, you MUST use a mascara. Don’t even think of leaving the house without a mascara on your eyes. The mascara is obligatory for everybody, especially for the women who wear glasses. The best type of mascara for you would be the one with a volume effect and which lengthens the eyelashes.


  • What about the eye pencil? To make your eyes look bigger, you should use a beige pencil applied on the inside of your eye lid. The beige pencil is better than the white one, because the white one is not recommended for the people with a dark skin tone. You will also have a softer and gentler look.

For more accentuated eyes, use a brown pencil.


  • The eyebrows must be perfect. There are different types of glasses frames. Sometimes the frame hides the brows, but there are also frames that accentuate the brows. You must have perfect eyebrows: brushed and well – shaved. If you don’t have the time to do them, you can just put an eyebrow pomade.


  • What about the color of the eyeshadow? The apricot is the perfect color for the daily look no matter the skin tone. The nudes are also perfect for every skin tone.

To achieve an elegant look, you should use darker eyeshadows. It is better to avoid the black eyeshadows and to use brown eyeshadows instead.


  • We let you choose the lipstick color. For the rest of the face you should follow the regular makeup procedure - you apply a foundation and a lipstick. We let you choose the lipstick color by yourself.