Makeup for redheads
Makeup for redheads

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Makeup for redheads

The red is a very specific hair color, which is also very eye catching.

Only the persons who want to be noticed, can dye their hair in red.

Because it’s a very eccentric color, it is very specific to do your makeup if you’re a redhead. The makeup should be noticeable, but not much, because the hair is already in the center of the attention.



  • Foundation: If you are a natural redhead, that means that you have a fair complexion with freckles on the face. It is sufficient to apply a complexion adapted on your skin tone, so you can cover up the freckles.

If you dye your hair in red, you should also find a matching complexion.


  • The eyes: If you are a redhead, you won’t make a mistake if you apply warm colors of eyeshadows, such as copper, brown or orange shades. If you would like to accentuate your eyes, you should apply an olive eyeshadow.

It is better to use a brown mascara, so you can accentuate the eyes.

The eyeliner color depends on the color of the eyes. If you have brown eyes, you should use a brown, black or olive eyeliner. If you have green eyes, you should use a burgundy eyeliner, and if you have blue eyes, you should use a plum eyeliner.

No matter the hair color, you should always define and put makeup on your eyebrows.


  • The lips: For the lips, we advise you to always use a matte lipstick.

Please be careful with the red lipstick, as the red lipstick doesn’t look good on every redhead. This depends on the hair shade and on the lipstick shade.

Regarding the other lipstick colors, you can use rose shades, dark shades and coral shades.


A nude makeup is convenient for every skin color and for every hair color. With a nude makeup, which is also a trend for the autumn – winter season 2018 – 2019, you can’t make a mistake.