Makeup for children: is it safe?
Makeup for children: is it safe?

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Makeup for children: is it safe?

You have a princess at home. She is 3 years or older and she always watches you when you put your makeup on or when you do your nails. Just like all the other children, your princess also wants to try your makeup and nail polishes.

Is the makeup for children really safe and how should you proceed?



  • Makeup kits for children. On the market there are a lot of makeup kits for children. In those kits there normally are lipsticks, nails polishes and eye shadows. But, most of those makeup kits are produced in China which make them dangerous for the children. These kits contain toxic materials. It is true that the eye shadows, the lipsticks and the nail polishes don’t leave a lot of color like the “real ones”, but they are toxic however.

It is better to find makeup kits which don’t contain toxic materials by reading the ingredients on the back of the box.


  • Makeup for children’s disguises. The makeup used to paint the children’s faces when preparing them for their Halloween costume, is the most dangerous of them all. This type of makeup contains a lot of plomb and other toxins which can cause perturbations of the endocrine system and can attack the nervous system.

Because the health of your children is always on the first place, you should buy a makeup on a natural basis in order to paint the face of your child.


  • Which makeup is the safest? The safest makeup is the makeup on a natural basis as for your child for you too. If you have natural based makeup or cosmetics, you can also use it for your child.

You can also do your own homemade makeup or cosmetics.

You can use a red clay’s powder for an example, for your child’s makeup, but there are also other powders which are safe because they are on a natural basis.


Your child’s health is the most important. You should be careful of which makeup you use for your child, because the children are the gentlest ones.