Loofah sponge - a veggie perfect for deep and natural skin exfoliation
Loofah sponge - a veggie perfect for deep and natural skin exfoliation

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Loofah sponge - a veggie perfect for deep and natural skin exfoliation

A natural loofah sponge is an exfoliating fiber for bathing, grown from seeds. Rarely anyone knows that loofah or luffa is a veggie that comes from a vining plant in the gourd family. The loofah sponge fibers are perfect for deep and natural skin cleansing and exfoliation that gives much fresher, smoother and younger-looking skin.

Loofah sponge can also:

  • Remove the built-up oils and dirt particles that clog pores
  • Reduce breakouts
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Open the skin up so it can absorb other skin care products faster


Here it is how it works:

  • Add a little bit of a soap or a natural cleaning product on the wet loofah sponge and exfoliate by using a small, circular motion with a gentle pressure that is enough to clear away the dead skin cells.
  • Avoid extra tender skin and anywhere that’s uncomfortable.
  • A nice loofah sponge is the best way to get the most out of a healthy body wash.
  • Plus, by adding a few slices of clean, dry luffa sponge into the soap molds will create extra charming and useful soaps with built-in scrubbers.


When buying loofah sponge:

  • The fibers should be dry, and pretty stiff, but they should not crack.
  • Avoid any packages full of broken fibers.
  • Always look for locally grown, organic, unbleached luffa sponges. These appear more of a light tan compared to the pale tan of bleached, commercial sponges.
  • Reject any luffas that have black patches or smell musty as they could trigger black mold symptoms.



After every use of the loofah sponge, rinse it off with clear water and squeeze it as dry as possible, and hang it to dry. Don’t keep it in the shower to dry because the moist will promote the growth of a bacteria. The longer it stays moist, the more likely assorted bacteria and fungi are to set up.