Lips makeup tips
Lips makeup tips

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Lips makeup tips

Every person looks differently: a different hair color, a different complexion color, big eyes, small lips, full lips...

The makeup is an art. We can't just put whatever on the face. To makeup your lips like a pro, you need to pay attention to all the details: the color of your clothes and their style, the complexion, the hair color, if you want to make your eyes look bigger or if you want to make your lips look bigger. 

You need to know in the first place what do you want to emphasize. We have some tips on how to makeup the lips like a pro. 



If your lips are thin, you need to use a lip pencil to define them. 

If you have big eyes and you want to emphasize them, you should use a nude lip pencil and a nude lipstick for the lips. The pencil color should be darker for one shade than the shade of the lipstick.

You need to put the lip pencil on the whole surface of the lips. 

If you want to emphasize the lips, you need to use light lipsticks to accentuate the volume of the lips. You need to avoid matte lipsticks and you should use shiny and iridescent lipsticks. 

Don't forget to put a lip pencil too.

If your lips are fuller, you should use matte lipsticks. Avoid using iridescent lipsticks because the shine accentuates the volume. You should use apricot, rose and burgundy lipsticks.

If you have a lighter complexion, you need to use apricot lipsticks. If you have darker complexion, use burgundy shades for a lipstick. The different rose shades are perfect for a natural color of a complexion.

You can also put a face powder on the lips to accentuate the form of the lips.

If you have a lighter complexion, use more natural shades like the peach or the rose shades.

If you have darker complexion, use burgundy shades, darker lipsticks and brown shades.

If your hair is darker, use purple shades.

If your hair is lighter, use red shades.