Let's learn something about the Cocoa Butter!
Let's learn something about the Cocoa Butter!

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Let's learn something about the Cocoa Butter!

When it comes to cocoa butter, who doesn’t looove its velvety texture and let’s just not talk about the sweetest aroma in the whole wide world that it has.

Cocoa butter is widely used in various forms. Except that we can taste it in the chocolates, it is often regarded as one of the best ingredients used in the cosmetic products, especially in those for skin care, because it is one of the best products that keeps the skin well hydrated.

This ingredient is extracted from cocoa beans which are quite rich in natural fats. They are usually grown in the tropical regions. It contains big number of vitamins, especially vitamin E and omega 3 unsaturated fats that has shown to have very powerful effects on the skin.

Here we’ve prepared for you some unknown facts about the Cocoa Butter

  •  Cocoa Butter is Very Rich in Antioxidants

This antioxidant rich component prevents the skin from premature ageing and getting wrinkle marks. It is often found in many different cosmetic products such as: moisturizers, anti-aging creams, shower gels, lip balms, shampoos etc.


  • Cocoa Butter Lightens Pigmentation

    Cocoa butter can reduce those stubborn pigmentation marks on the skin, because of its lightening properties that it has.


    • Cocoa Butter Reduces Stretch Marks

      Stretch marks can often create a problem in everyday life. But, cocoa butter could reduce these stretch marks from the body as well. Its antioxidant properties can fight against the stretch marks and can make the skin looking scar-free.


      • Cocoa Butter is Excellent Lip Balm

        Dry and cracked lips can be a history with the use of Cocoa butter because, this wonderful ingredient can do wonders to the lips as it can keep them hydrated, soft and supple with sensitive touch (and ready to be kissed!)