Korean beauty tricks that can do wonders for your skin
Korean beauty tricks that can do wonders for your skin

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Korean beauty tricks that can do wonders for your skin


Have you ever wondered why Korean women have beautiful and young-looking skin at any age? This country is already well-known for its beauty and skincare products and the different techniques, but it seems that Korean women have a lot of tips and secrets for glowing, radiant and youthful skin that makes every woman in the world admire. Well, if you are curious about their skincare routine continue reading and understand more.

  • Double-cleansing is a must. The Koreans believe that cleansing is the key for a radiant skin. No one in this country washes its face just once. Double- cleansing is a necessary practice because first they remove makeup from the face and then wash it again to get a really deep clean.
  • Facial- massages. Korean’s daily beauty routine does not pass without facial massage. This massage is very effective because it boosts circulation and gives a healthy glow. Daily massaging can also reduce the wrinkles and prevents the skin from premature aging.


  • Always wear SPF to protect the skin. Korean women never leave their homes without wearing a sunscreen. They begin to use it at a very young age because it shields their skin from the harmful UV raids and protects the skin from pigmentation, dark spots and tanning.
  • Apply eye cream. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and needs extra attention. Applying an eye cream can smoothen the skin and treat the dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.
  • The night cream is very important. Korean women don’t go to sleep without a night cream. The night creams usually contain salicylic acid, retinol and retinyl acetate that are the key ingredients for regeneration of the skin cells.
  • Healthy diet. Everything that we eat and drink can affect our skin. A healthy diet is one of the Korean skincare tips and if you want to have illuminating and clean skin avoid sugar and alcohol and eat more fruits and vegetables.