Japanese practices for great skin
Japanese practices for great skin

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Japanese practices for great skin


Japanese women are known for their porcelain skin and youthful look. Not only it seems that they never age, they also do not have any acne, pigmentation or acne scars that many women usually have. But what is the secret behind that beautiful, impeccable skin and youthful appearance? If you are interested to know continue reading because we will reveal some of their tips and secrets that you can try out for yourself and achieve the beautiful and healthy skin that you ever wanted.


  1. Embrace vitamin C. The secret behind Japanese women fair and even complexion is the daily intake of Vitamin C. They consume foods rich in Vitamin C such as, acerola, parsley, broccoli, kiwi, yuzu, kaki etc.
  2. Green Tea. Japanese women drink several cups of green tea every day. This tea is rich in antioxidants and clears the toxins from your body and keeps the skin youthful and supple.
  3. Cleansing twice a day. Having a regular skincare routine is very important in Japan and cleansing is an essential part from it. Japanese women use signature oils to clean, cleanse and tone their faces.
  4. Sun Protection. Japanese women never leave their homes without sunscreen. It protects them from the harmful UV rays and fights against wrinkles and fine lines. That’s why these women look young and beautiful for a long period.
  5. Exfoliation. This is another traditional beauty secret that Japanese women do at least two times a week. They usually use natural ingredients such as adzuki beans and rice bran which are very good for drawing out the toxins from the skin and making it glowing and supple without any blemishes.