Is the wine good or bad for the skin?
Is the wine good or bad for the skin?

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Is the wine good or bad for the skin?

There are a lot of wine types, but we can generally divide it in 3 categories: red, white and rosé.

It’s our most favorite alcoholic drink which we can drink during the whole year.

Because the winter is already here, we can also drink the red wine.

But is the wine good or bad for the skin?



  • Wine skin care. If you love the wine, you’re lucky because there are a lot of skin care products based on wine. It’s a cure against a lot of skin diseases, which is being used from ancient times. It’s the secret of the Japanese too.

There are massages, scrubs and baths based on wine. You can visit beauty salons which offer those kinds of treatments. All of the treatments have antioxidant effects and detoxify the skin. Those treatments rejuvenate both, the body and the face.


  • A glass of wine per day? Yes, but not two! Yes, a glass of red wine or rosé per day is not bad for the skin. It is useful for the cardiovascular system. But, two glasses of wine per day are bad for both, the organism and the skin. According to several studies, the red wine or the rosé can worsen the acne situation or can cause an acne breakout. So, the wine is not for everybody unfortunately. Be attentive if you have an oily skin or acne tendency.


  • The wine can rejuvenate the mature skin. The wine can cause acne, but because it’s a powerful antioxidant, it can improve the state of the mature skin. The wine can rejuvenate the mature skin. A glass of wine per day can do wonders for your skin.


  • A wine face care. There are scrubs and masks based on wine and polyphenols which give a glow to your skin and which assure a care without black spots on the skin. The wine can also cleanse the skin profoundly.


The wine rejuvenates the skin, cleanses it and detoxifies it.

But, however, you shouldn’t drink more than a glass per day.