Is the meat good for the skin?
Is the meat good for the skin?

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Is the meat good for the skin?


We already know that the fruits and vegetables are good for the skin. The sea food is also good for the skin. But is the meat good or bad for the skin?

There are people who eat and people who don’t eat meat. Is their skin the same?



  • White meat. The white meat is beneficial for the skin just like the fruits, the vegetables and the fish. The white meat gives all the needed vitamins and minerals to your skin.

This type of meat contains less fat and less calories than the red meat. It’s a source of B vitamins.


  • Red meat. The red meat contains more fat and more calories than the white meat. This type of meat also contains different types of B vitamins.

This meat is more nutritive and richer in needed substances for the skin and for the organism than the white meat.


  • Which meat is the best for the skin? The best meat for a person is the one recommended by his/her doctor.

Normally, the chicken is the most recommended meat for the organism, because the chicken doesn’t contain a lot of fat. On the contrary, the pork meat contains the most fat.

The chicken contains collagen, which is necessary for the skin cells renewal and which prevents wrinkles.


  • Does the meat cause acne? It’s a myth that the meat causes acne.

The truth is that the meat doesn’t cause acne. It’s the milk that causes it.

The persons who are lactose intolerant and who eat both, milk and meat, and have acne, it’s the milk that causes it and not the meat.

Sometimes the lactose intolerant people don’t know that they are lactose intolerant. If you’re this person, you can tell that you’re lactose intolerant if you have digestive problems every time after consuming milk products or milk.


The meat should be consumed regularly because it contains substances that can’t be found in the fruits or in the vegetables.