Is it time to use an eye cream?
Is it time to use an eye cream?

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Is it time to use an eye cream?

The eye area is the first to show age since the eyelid is the thinnest skin on the body. There isn't a specific age to add an eye cream into the skincare routine, but people with excessively dry skin, very dark circles or crow's feet are the best candidates. Therefore, prevention is the best effective tactic and easier than repairing the damage. So, taking care of the skin around the eyes in the 20's will slow down the process.

Eye creams with lightening properties and caffeine can decrease the puffiness while retinol and vitamin C can stimulate collagen production and minimize the look of the dark circles. The perfect eye cream will contain caffeine in order to decrease the puffiness. For best prevention ideally would be included peptides that would stimulate the collagen production, antioxidants that would prevent free radical damage to the skin, and niacinamide that would reduce discoloration.

Unlike the rest of the creams, eye creams contain lighter texture than facial moisturizers. Heavy creams can increase fluid retention and exacerbate the eye puffiness. Plus, all the regular moisturizers don't have the ingredients that prevent dark circles. A great eye cream will also contain mica - a light reflecting ingredient that helps camouflage dark circles. 

It's recommended to use them within the first six months when the ingredients are most potent. All you need is a small amount of the eye cream in the morning and evening. And the delicate touch is the most important aspect of the eye cream application as the skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive and should be treated with gentle movements, using the pointer finger.

If you're using eye cream from a jar, it is recommended to use a tiny plastic spatula to prevent contaminating the product. Also, consider an eye cream with a pump, which makes it easy to prevent bacteria from getting into the product. And at the end, always be aware of the expiration date of the product.