I can't find my perfect day cream
I can't find my perfect day cream

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I can't find my perfect day cream

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the ideal day cream according to the skin type. It is especially hard for the persons who have a combination skin, which is oily on the T zone and dry on the cheeks.

The elderly ones have another problem – their skin is extremely dry and they can’t find the proper day cream.

So, how to find the perfect day cream?



  • For a combination skin. As we already mentioned above, the combination skin is oily on the T zone and dry on the area where the cheekbones are. Yes, it’s a big problem.

You should know that you should always hydrate the skin. The ideal cream for you would be a hydrating cream with a SPF protection.

The T zone should also be hydrated.

For this type of skin, one should use creams based on avocado or jojoba, because neither the avocado nor the jojoba don’t leave a greasy film.

The more natural solution, would be to use an avocado oil or a jojoba oil to hydrate the skin, but please be aware that the oils can’t be exposed on the sun, as they can have a harmful effect on your skin. Otherwise, you can add 3 drops of avocado or of jojoba oil in a hydrating cream.


  • For a mature skin. The mature skin is naturally a dry skin. This type of skin has to be hydrated and nourished profoundly.

The ideal creams for this type of skin are the anti – aging creams, calendula-based creams and olive-based creams.

The natural solution is to use a calendula oil, an aloe vera gel or an olive oil. Please be aware that the aloe vera gel calms the irritated skin and hydrates the skin profoundly, but the skin should be hydrated again after its use. So, it is not enough to only use the aloe vera gel to hydrate the dry skin. The best solution would be to add several drops of the aloe vera gel in an anti – aging cream.


  • For a normal skin. It is the easiest to find a cream for the normal skin type.

Every skin type should be nourished, hydrated and cleansed.